I'm Fatema Nooh; the girl who makes your brand accessible across cultures. I do web and interface design, classic print design and identity strategy and design. Outside of work, I dabble in Arabic type design, workout, and eat lots of hummus!


I'm Fatema Nooh; I do web and interface design, classic print design and Identity strategy and design.

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Webdesign // Identity Design //
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Box-kit Design
Kufesque is an archive-like platform to explore Arabic typography and make it more accessible.

Kufesque is my passion project. It explores the world of typography and its direct relationship to language and communication in an effort to strengthen the bond between its people, their heritage and future.

I decided to go for an archive-feel after along process, as I intend for it to be a digital library dedicated to this field of design. It's original name was sil, meaning connect in Arabic.

Sil (now Kufesque) is a bilingual research based digital archive that connects a somewhat disparate group of nations in a global world.
Kufesque is a research heavy project with an emphasis easy-to-navigate design.

The aim with Kufesque is not to experiment with the design of the website, but to encourage research in the broad topic of Arabic Typography on a digital platform that is accessible in both Arabic and English.

Although Sil's experiment of including both scripts at the same time was interesting, I wanted eliminate the complexity of such design.

The following images showcase the functionality of the new design.
Nova Medical Center approached me with a brief to refine their brand identity, create a strategy and implement a website that is in character with their messaging.

A digital-education-oriented strategy to suite the region's favouritism towards social media networking and advertisements.

The website, now available in Arabic and English, was completely re-done to suite the refined identity.
Design Strategy:
a series of workshops done to map out the true identity of the medical center: The identification of the problem, what leverage exists, review, scan, form, implement, evaluate and maintain.
The new website is fully responsive in both English and Arabic, contains no stock photos and resonates with its audience.

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Rawag: a colloquial Khaleeji expression for leisure, being care free, and relaxed.

Rawag app is a leisure booking app in Bahrain, designed to make seasonal activities like booking swimming pools, chalets, and camp sites easier for locals.

In this project, I was incharge of the logotype and the app interface design, prototyping and testing.

Scientific papers are indispensable, and it's essential for us to keep track of what scientists constantly discover about ourselves and the world around us. Unfortunately, these papers tend to be cluttered with information, making it uneasy for the general public to digest the heavy influx of scientific terms at once. Can we redesign these papers, making them easier to absorb? How can we maintain the complexity of the research?

A digitally printed paper that retains the standard size of scientific papers but adds in elements of interactivity and clarity to engage the reader and ensure their understanding of the topic.
I photographed and analyzed six different eye colours. Making the layers tangible  after simplifying and explaining the process of the formation of the iris helps the reader grasp the intricacies of the development of the iris.
Breaking Stereotypes: Emphasising how the representation of muslim women in the media masks and limits our understanding of their reality.

In Collaboration with Photographer Ziyah Gafic
Images used with permission.
Western media seems to be louder than reality. It creates a filter that ridicules and oppresses the Middle Eastern woman by putting her into a box. How can we unveil the truth, and hear women who have a voice we chose to ignore?

A mix of digital and analogue printing methods allow for the red translucent paper to alarm from the presumed oppression of the media; however, once the page is turned, and people get the chance to express themselves, the variety of experiences of the different women are revealed.
“More than Strangers” refers to the notion that the refugees that are strangers in many people’s eyes are far more than that.

The project aims to integrate, provide an opportunity for the participants to better their language through a creative outlet.
The fear of the unknown forces people to alienate refugees; they come from a different background so they must be unwilling to associate or get to know us. How can we break down this barrier?

A collaborative effort from both local and refugee kids highlights the fundamentals of human beings. Can one distinguish between a refugee child's drawings and a local one? A workshop is conducted to help the two get to know each other and the outcome is displayed for the world to make their judgement.
The box-kit was used a number of times inside the refugee centre in Germany. Pictures used are either out of the shelter or cropped for security reasons.